Alliance of critical Syngenta-shareholders

Request for comprehensive strategic review

As shareholders of Syngenta we believe that Syngenta’s potential to create value for all its stakeholders is being substantially compromised. Board and management of Syngenta have missed several opportunities to increase value creation. Due to the ongoing gradual erosion of market share, and the loss of over CHF 10 billion in market value resulting from the rejection of a takeover offer without meaningful negotiations, we have now organized ourselves through the formation of a shareholder alliance. We demand a full and comprehensive strategic review to thoroughly evaluate all opportunities for value creation and urge the Board of Directors to refrain from selling the vegetable and flower seeds businesses.

The Alliance would welcome a collaboration with the Board of Directors and asked in an additional open letter to the Chairman for a formal meeting. The aim will be to discuss all the strategic options available to Syngenta to maximize value and to bring positive change to the company as soon as possible.